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Preparation Technology Platform Future Grids

"Integration of Renewable Energy Sources and Distributed Generation into the European Electricity Grid"
is a large European Cluster of RTD projects funded by the European Commission which represents over 100
stakeholders in the electricity networks sector.
The cluster is co-ordinated by Philipp Strauss, ISET, Germany (www.iset.uni-kassel.de)
3nd International Conference


DERlab is the European Network of Excellence (NoE) of independent laboratories,
working in the area of the integration of distributed energy resources (DER)
into electricity grids and the preparation of related standards and test procedures.

Technology Platform for the Electricity Networks of the Future

During the first international conference on the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources and Distributed
Energy Resources held in December 2004 (http://www.conference-on-integration.com/), industrial
stakeholders and the research community suggested the creation of a Technology Platform for the Electricity
Networks of the Future.
The initial concept and guiding principles of the Technology Platform are being developed by the European
Commission Directorate General for Research with the support of an existing FP5+6 research cluster IRED.

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