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Main Elements
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 Main Elements
The most important elements of the IRED Co-ordinated Action were the following:

  1. A systematic exchange of information and good practice by improving links to relevant research, to regulatory bodies and to policies and schemes on the European, the national, the regional and the international level.
  2. Set-up of strategic actions such as trans-national co-operation, the organization and a co-ordination of common initiatives on standards, testing procedures and the establishment of common education and training.
  3. Identification of the highest priority research topics in the field of integration and formation of appropriate realization schemes.
These actions were implemented by the following elements:
  1. The establishment of an expert-group covering important cross-cutting areas such as power-quality etc.
  2. The formation of a group of contact persons to national, regional and international policy and to programme makers and programme managers
  3. Set-up of a full data- and information-exchange system including the realisation of links to relevant national, regional and international electronic-information systems
  4. Organisation of conferences and workshops on the international and European level
  5. Exchange of personnel and joint supervision of theses and PhD-work by the participating institutions
  6. Production, exchange and dissemination of education material and good practice for higher education
  7. Organisation of regular cluster-co-ordination meetings
  8. Identification and integration of forthcoming relevant projects and activities into the cluster
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