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 Strategic Aspects
In order to concentrate efforts and to maximise critical mass, seven projects which are supported by the European Commission under FP5 dealing with the integration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Distributed Generation (DG) have been bundled to create a cluster in January, 2002. This cluster represented a total budget of about 35 million € at that time. More than 100 participating institutions from research, industry and the utility sector are contributed to this common activity.

The thematic different projects in the first years of the cluster which have been terminated are:

  • SUSTELNET - Policy and Regulatory Roadmaps for the Integration of Distributed Generation and the Development of Sustainable Electricity Networks
  • DGNET - European Network for Integration of RES and DG (http://www.dgnet.org)
  • INVESTIRE - Investigation on Storage Technologies for Intermittent Renewable Energy (http://www.itpower.co.uk/investire/)
  • DISPOWER - Distributed Generation with High Penetration of Renewable Energy Sources (http://www.dispower.org)
  • MICROGRIDS - Large Scale Integration of Micro-Gene¬ration to Low Voltage Grids
  • CRISP - Distributed Intelligence in Critical Infrastructures for Sustainable Power
  • DGFACTS - Distributed Flexible AC Transmission Systems

A cluster management team consisting of the individual cluster project co-ordinators has been set up and periodic meetings had the main target of improving the information exchange between the cluster-projects.

The current projects which are acting in the IRED cluster are:

  • FENIX – Flexible Electricity Networks to Integrate the eXpected Energy Evolution (http://www.fenix-project.org)
  • SOLID-DER - Coordination Action to Consolidate RTD Activities for Large-Scale Integration of DER into the European Electricity Market (http://www.solid-der.org)
  • DER-LAB – Network of Excellence for Decentralised Energy Resources and Preparation of Standards (http://www.der-lab.net)
  • MORE MICROGRIDS - Large Scale Integration of Micro-Generation to Low Voltage Grids

The extension of the IRED research cluster was realized by the inclusion of forthcoming projects supported by FP6/FP7, national and regional activities and by implementing the new instruments provided through FP6/FP7.

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