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Preparation Technology Platform Future Grids
 WP 1: Power Quality and Security of Supply
Leader: Prof. Dr. Nikos Hatziagyriou, ICCS, National Technical University of Athens - Institute of Communication and Computer Systems

This deliverable report provides an overview of the activities performed within WP1 dealing with "Security, Reliability and Power Quality" of Power Systems with high DG integration. This encompasses both transmission and distribution systems, as well as the control of DG resources. Planning issues, like connection regulations and standards, and operation and control issues (EMS, active distribution networks, microgrids, etc) are considered.
The main achievements during the four years period of the project are summarized as follows:
  • Monitoring of relevant work in ongoing EU projects. Efforts have been made to disseminate key findings mainly among the Cluster projects More Microgrids, DER-Lab and Fenix.
  • Organization and wide participation of WP1 partners in international Conferences and Workshops.
  • Co-operation with policy makers including regulatory bodies and TSOs and several pieces of technical analysis carried out by the various research bodies involved in the Cluster projects.
  • Active participation of WP1 partners in the Technology Platform on Europe‚Äôs Electricity Networks of the Future "SmartGrids". Support of its function by identification of achievements and deficits in ongoing projects and priority research areas for the EU FP7 programme. Contribution to the documents published by the Technology Platform with emphasis on DG contribution to Security, Reliability and Power Quality. Participation in its conferences, meetings and other events.
  • Establishment of a number of multi-national Task Forces and Working parties, mainly within CIGRE and IEEE, in order to disseminate the key outcomes of the Cluster projects and gain from the international experience.
  • Establishment of cooperation links with international Research teams, in US, Canada and Japan, exchange of ideas and information and investigation of relevant, common research activities.
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