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 WP 3: Laboratory Co-operations
Leader: Philipp Strauß, ISET, R&D Division Engineering and Power Electronics, Germany

Work Package 3 concentrated on laboratory activities in the field of distributed energy resources. In order to support an efficient collaboration of laboratories that are active in the field a survey of ongoing testing work performed within European projects was set up. Furthermore relevant European DER-laboratories have been identified and a web site has been installed. A European Network of Excellence of Laboratories in the field of Distributed Energy Resources (DERlab) has been launched in November 2005. A liaison with the DERlab NoE on two levels was established: There is one representative of the DERlab NoE, namely the head of the steering committee of DERlab, participating in the project meetings of the IRED Cluster. On the working level the Deliverable D3 (the database for laboratories active in the field of DER) that was prepared within this work package was implemented on the DERlab website for public access.
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