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Preparation Technology Platform Future Grids
 WP 5: Socio-Economic and Environmental Issues
Leader: Dr. Fits van Oostvoorn, ECN - Energy research Centre, Netherlands

Deliverable 15 of WP5 of the IRED project, co-financed by the European Commission and carried out by ten in DER integration involved European organisations, governments, industry and universities, gives an overview of the different findings from RTD projects on the area of Socio-economic issues of integration of DER in the electricity supply system.

The document is summarising the findings regarding RTD on Integration of DER (RES&DG) in the electricity supply system in Europe of several recently finished and currently ongoing EU projects. The references and interpretation of these RTD results are by ECN and firmly supported by their involvement in many of these projects. Below we list a few of those projects we use as reference:
  • DG-GRID project, coordination ECN, for EIE DGTREN, Sept 2007
  • FENIX, coordination Iberdrola, ongoing
  • RESPOND, coordination ECN, ongoing
  • IMPROGRES, coordination ECN, ongoing
  • EU-DEEP, coordination GdF, ongoing
  • Micro-Grids, coordination NTUA, ongoing
  • Solid-der, coordination ECN, for 6th FP, ongoing.
D15 presents an introduction to the importance of DER integration and scope of report. Furthermore it presents current contribution of DER in different EU countries, main drivers for more DER. Next it reviews main barriers to give DER a lift-off in several particularly new MS and if contributing well how new barriers for a more efficient DER integration emerge and in the later chapters how these can be solved according to the ongoing RTD in several EU projects.

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