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 WP 7: Co-ordination with National and Regional Research Programmes on DER
Leader: Dr. Raul Reyero, CIDAE (University Research Institute) was set up by a Group of Companies, Technological Centers and the Mondragón University, Spain

During the first 3 years of the project (2004, 2005 and 2006) the activities were mainly focused on the identification of RTD Programmes of Member States and Regions. To do so a questionnaire was designed and distributed between a high number of stakeholders, receiving finally the answer of 10 States and 1 Region. From these results it was observed that coordination between Member States/Regions was almost nonexistent in this field, and that there is not a direct support for coordination with Institutions of other States/Regions. Thus it was concluded, that some type of coordination instrument should be put into practice, whether in the context of the future "Technology Platform for Smart Power Networks" or as an ERA-NET. In order to promote the meeting of different stakeholders and as an excellent place for the exchange of ideas, two seminars have been organised in the context of the IRED project (one in Spain in 2005 and a second one in Finland in 2007).
As a result, in 2007, a remarkable achievement has been done by establishing the SmartGrids ERA-NET proposal under the 7th FP. The overall objective of this proposal is the mutual opening up of the research programmes and research infrastructures of the participating States and Regions as well as the launching of joint activities (calls).
This project proposal is the materialization of the final objective of WP7: "to contribute to the cooperation and coordination of research activities carried out at national or regional level in the field of DER". It has been promoted by the "SmartGrids" Technological Platform with the continuous support of some IRED consortium members, and will involve 11 countries and 1 region. The activities that will be carried out by in this project are directly aligned with the purposes of WP7:
  • Step 1: Exchange of information: Ensure common understanding for future co-operation and co-ordination, share practices in programme management and evaluation practices.
  • Step 2: Strategic activities and best practices: Deducting ERA-NET strategy for cooperation between national and regional identification of topics for transnational collaboration and designation of an framework.
  • Step 3: Implementation of joint activities: Implementing coherence in European national and regional programmes, and active network of RTD managers.
  • Step 4: Transnational research activities: Ensuring a robust system and efficient procedures for common/trans-national proposals. And, last but not least, the implementation of joint calls.
With this initiative, that the main objective of WP7 has been fulfilled, by identifying States and Regions which could be interested in improving mutual collaboration in R&D activities, and promoting a stable link between them around an ERA-NET.
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