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Preparation Technology Platform Future Grids
 WP 8: Internet-based Project Information and Management System
Leader: Dr. Kurt Rohrig, ISET, R&D Division Information and Energy Ecomomy, Germany

A new approach for ICT based project management has been developed and realised by ISET. The common way to exchange information between the members of a project is to exchange emails or to use the telephone. The majority of information exchange like appointments, news, documents, etc. between project members or groups of project members is executed by email. Thus, each project member receives a lot of emails and is responsible for the organisation and storage of the project information on the local system. To simplify and enhance the flow of information in the IRED cluster, ISET adopted an electronic project management system. This system consists of a document server and a web server.
Common information about the project like the description of the work in the project, the objectives of the project, milestones and expected results, description of the work packages etc. is represented by web-pages.
Visitors can get up-to-date information and published appointments, news and documents about the project whereas project members can use extended functions, like creating appointments, news, links and all types of documents, according to their position in the project.
For the members of the "Technology Platform for the Electricity Networks of the Future" the web server of the IRED cluster at www.ired-cluster.org provides a separate sub-section with general information about the Platform and a separate document section for the members of the Platform.
The IRED home page and the project management system satisfy the needs for the world wide presentation of the IRED Project and "Technology Platform for the Electricity Networks of the Future". The system meets the demands for an easy exchange and presentation of documents and information. Several optimising tasks in respect of database and software applications have been carried out and led to an improvement the operation and functionality of the server.
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