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Preparation Technology Platform Future Grids
 WP 9: Project Management
Leader: Philipp Strauss, ISET, Executive Board, Germany

Creating of a systematic information exchange between the WP-co-ordinators and with all relevant actors from the policy and programme-making area with industry and research organisation.

Organisation of regular meetings with all WP-co-ordinators (minimum 4 per year). Semi-annual organisation of seminars, workshops or conferences on the regional, national and international level.

Continuous communication and exchange of information in joins meetings and/or especial workshops with other projects under the 6FP, in particular with projects EU-DEEP and GENDIS, to ensure complementarily and avoid duplication of efforts and cost.

GENDIS will co-operate with the cluster-project on "Integration of RES + DG" with a view to creating synergies and complementarily. By exchanging information, and when appropriate by joint planning of activities, both projects will ensure optimal use of resources. A minimum requirement will be for both projects to have joint meetings at least twice a year. All the project participants will attend these meetings. In this way, any possible duplication of activities will be avoided.
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